नमो नमः गुरुदेव तुझको नमो नमः
नमो नमः श्री राम तुझको नमो नमः

परम गुरु जय जय राम



A Spiritual Master (the Enlightened One), like the Pole Star, guides the Ship of Life. Life without a true Spiritual Master is Life gone waste. In ‘Sri Ram Sharnam’, the Enchanted Mantra which dawned upon Swami Satyanandji on Guru Poornima in 1925 at Param Dham Dalhousie is the Seed Mantra, the Ram Mantra. Swamiji started giving Deeksha in 1928.In Sri Ram Sharnam, Deeksha is based strictly on the lines of Swamiji.

नमो नमः महाराज तुझको नमो नमः

In December, 1936, during the first Sadhna Satsang, Swami Satyanandji handpicked five of his disciples to spread faith in Ram. They took an undertaking to spread the holy name" Ram". This brief but solemn ceremony was held on the banks of the holy river Ganga, above Bhim Goda at a place known as Sapt Sarover. Pujya Pitaji (Sh. Hans Raj) was one of these five beloved disciples. Pujya Pitaji took this life vow very seriously and vigorously. Swamiji admired this fact in his letter dated 4/9/57 to Bhagat Hans Raj Ji. Swamiji was both a Guru and a father. He (Swamiji) was highly pleased and in his letter dated 27/8/1959 from Dehradun, the Maharaj lovingly addressed him as : "Shri Bhagat Ji Maharaj".

Sri Swami Satyanandji Maharaj, in his lifetime delegated the responsibility of spreading "Ram-Nam" and auhtority of bestowing Deeksha to Pujya Hansraj ji Maharaj (Pujya Pitaji). Follwing the footsteps of his Master, Pujha Pitaji, on the auspicious occasion of Vyas Purnima, in the year 2000, passed on the responsibility and duty of the spread of Ram-Naam to Pujya Smt. Rekha Ji and Pujya Sh. Krishan Ji, the disciple of Swami Satyanandji Maharaj. And on 31st December, 2000, he gave both Pujya Krishanji and Pujya Rekhaji the authority of Vishivat bestowing Deeksha.