Swami Satyanand Hospital

Satyanand General Hospital was established in the year 1992 under the blessings of Pujya Pita Ji. Initially, it was an Eye Hospital. Subsequently in the year 1996, the Dental and E.N.T. faculties were added. The Orthopaedics and General O.P.D. were also added in the year 1999 and it became a full-fledged hospital.The Hospital is ideally located on Jind Road, near the Ram Sharnam Ashram, Gohana.

The basic objective is to ensure good health to the people of the area. It has most sophisticated X-Ray plant which is the pride of the area and provides free food facility to the patients and their attendants. The hospital has proved to be a blessing for the rural population since they cannot afford to go for the costly treatment.

The Eye, Dental and E.N.T. departments are presently the backbone of the hospital. Eye Deptt. has the phaco facility and the cataract operations are conducted with stitchless surgery & lens implants.

The Hospital has 100-bed capacity with the provision of 17 private rooms. The post- operation care is given due weightage so as to build confidence among the patients. The doctors and the paramedical staff are given the residential facilities so that the ward and post-operation care is ensured.

The Eye Department since its inception has performed more than 25000 cataract operations The patients who are financially weak are given concessions and sometimes given free treatment . The Management always looks forward to help the poor so as to live up to the objective: “The service to mankind is service of God.”