The Goal


The ultimate objective or goal of Shree Ram Sharnam is briefly and clearly summed up in:


Vridhi Aastik Bhaav Ki, Shubh Mangal Snchaar
Abheu Udai Sad Dharam Ka, Ram Nam Vistaar

Let Faith in God, Welfare of All Increase
Let True Religion Prevail & Ram-Naam Increase.

We seek to restore and spread Faith in God(Theism). We seek the universal welfare. We want to spread true religion and Ram-Naam. We worship the "Formless", the Omnipresent, the Omnipotent and the Omniscient Supreme Power who is the 'fountain-head of all Virtues'.

Along with the Self-less Goal, the following hymns written by Gurudev Swamiji Maharaj sum up the prayer of our Satsang

जगे चेतना विमलतम, हो सत्य सुप्रकाश
शांति सर्व आनंद हो, पाप तप का नाश

Let the purest consciousness rise, let the Truth shine bright
Let Peace and Happiness prevail, and may the sweltering sin cease to exist

तेरे जन के हित लगे, तन मन धन सब ठाठ
आत्मा तुझमे ही रमे, मुख में तेरा पाठ

Lord, let me serve your people with my body, mind, wealth and all my embellishments  
Let your prayers be on my lips, and let my soul merge into you

हाथ जोड़ माँगू हरे, सेवा कृपा प्यार
विनय नम्रता दान दे, देना सब कुछ वार

With folded hands, I pray to thee my Lord, for thy love, grace and service, Bless me with humility and modesty