Swadhyaya stands for reading by oneself. Swamiji used to encourage the reading of scriptures. Scriptures empower you, make you self-dependent, independent and you have a tryst with God. During the last moments of Swamiji’s life, the devotees asked for a parting message. He said, “My message lies in my books. I shall continue to live through my books which were written under Divine inspiration and guidance-everything descended from God. I was merely a medium.” Swamiji lives in his books.

His outstanding works are as under:

Bhakti Prakash
Valmiki Ramayan-Sar
Srimad Bhagwad Gita
Prarthana Aur Uska Prabhav
Upasak Ka Antrik Jeevan
Bhakti Aur Bhakt Ke Lakshan
Sthit- Pragya Ke Lakshan
Bhajan Evam Dhvani Sangrah
Ekadash-Upnishad Sangrah

Amritvani, Bhakti Prakash and Valmiki Ramayan-Sar are in verse (poetry) while others are in prose.A Sadhak should recite ‘Amritvani’ daily. A Sadhak should undertake Swadhyaya or self-study of scriptures.

He should read, ponder and reflect on the scriptures daily for 15 to 30 minutes. But instead of reciting them mechanically, one should actually try to assimilate them properly and incorporate them in one’s life.

Apart from the scriptures written by Swamiji, other books which are available are as follows:

Pravachan- Piyush (a collection of talks delivered by Maharaj, compiled by devotees)
Bhagat Hansraj ( Biography of Pujya Pitaji Maharaj)