Sewa or voluntary service for a noble cause is rated very high on the spiritual scale. If anything is done voluntarily, silently, humbly and motivelessly for the good of others, it is known as ‘Sewa’ or service. Sewa is offered without any hope of prize, praise or reward or recognition. It is done with a strong commitment and total dedication in a spirit of self-satisfaction and spiritual solace. Swamiji opines,” Only that life is good which carries or bears the fruit of Sewa.

In The Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, “I don’t like if any one begs anything. I do not like any one begging from Me either. If some devotee does anything for Me, I give  him strength and capacity. He gets it back multiplied many times.”

Pitaji says that service to Nar (Humanity) is true worship of Narayan ( i.e.God). If we can offer food and milk to the idols made of stone and wood, then why we are so indifferent to living images of God. But the sewa should be done for the Right Man, at the Right Time and the Right Place. Our Organization undertakes Sewa in the following sectors:

Donation of calipers, hearing aids, wheel chairs to the handicapped.
Distributing sewing machines to the poor and helpless women.
Providing free books and scholarships to the under-privileged students
Thousand of poor girls and widows have been married off with adequate gifts.
Regular Blood Donation Camps.
Free dispensaries and clinics (Allopathic and Homeopathic)
Computer coaching centers which provide cheap but quality education.
Free vocational institutes to teach stitching, embroidery, cooking etc.
Truckloads of relief material during natural/national calamities like floods, earthquakes, war, displacements.